Zongzi, golden jewelry festival

Zongzi, golden jewelry festival

Activity 1: good manners

Activity time: June 9-10

Venue: service desk on the second floor of the roz shopping center

Take part: A sports hall, block B 1-2

The amount of a single computer ticket

Shopping is over 188 yuan

Gold jewelry watches and watches are 888 yuan

3 (limited quantity and delivery) of salted duck eggs

Activity 2: perfume pouch DIY

Activity time: from 10:00 to 11:00 on June 9

Take care of the heart microsignals of loz shopping to get a sachet bag

Activity 3: bao zongzi competition

Activity time: June 9, 13 to 15

Rules of the game: adults and children cooperate to make zongzi, which group of dumplings is the best

The Dragon Boat Festival doesn't have to buy zongzi

Make zongzi in lozi square!

? time: June 9, 13 points in the afternoon

? registration way: 1. Send rice dumplings + name + contact to WeChat platform

? activity way: parent-child cooperation, parents and children to work together to make zongzi

? activity location: in the square

Interactive game: set up zongzi

Put a number of zongzi, in the way of a set of circles to make zongzi, set

Game 2: Mongolian face bao zongzi competition

Each group of 5 people, blindfolded, began to compete, who had the most time to pack the time, to win.

Game 3: paste zongzi

The so-called "stick zongzi", namely, on a large zongzi, have the corresponding number, from one to five. Stick to a few, we will reward customers several zongzi. Of course, our prerequisite is that we must be blindfolded. Soon our preparations were over and the game was about to begin.