To build ningbo

Build ningbo "home first station" by heart
The first anniversary of the opening of the city of decorative building materials

In August 2013, luoze building materials decoration city opened for the first time. After a year of wind and rain sharpen the building materials industry professional market integration, rose city has developed step by step, building decoration and home building materials market in ningbo, with airport logistics circle location advantages, is committed to build ningbo "domestic outfit first stop", eventually developed into a show, trade, office, warehousing, logistics, catering, leisure as one of the building materials household one-stop experience center.
At present, the market has formed a wide range of panels, floors, ceramic sanitary ware, doors and Windows, hardware, water and electricity pipes, etc. All kinds of decorative basic materials and appliances can be purchased here. The whole market partition clear, reasonable layout atmosphere, especially plate wholesale base in the market has formed the scale quite big trade sector, has brought together from domestic first-line brand manufacturers as well as Vietnam, Thailand, myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Russia, Germany, Norway and so on more than 20 countries more than 3000 kinds of architectural decoration base material, has formed a wholesale logistics effect. Floor wood is produced from southeast Asia, South America, Africa and so on yellow sandalwood, red sandalwood, rue, gamba, rosewood, teak, cherry wood, winged wood, oak, etc. The board is a collection of more than 50 domestic famous brands including moganshan, millennium boat, rabbit baby, king coconut, fuqing, fuxiang, Jason, dragon and taishan. Hardware and electric appliances are the top enterprise products from home and abroad...
Adapt to the development of the modern standardized market trend, rose decorative building materials city in successfully pioneered a week, on the basis of the next three to five years will also use a planned commercial land to achieve full upgrade, to build domestic first-line brand household exhibition center, imported high-end brand furniture exhibition center, green, health, energy saving new concept household to live at home and abroad experience center. Based building materials wholesale distribution function at the same time, based on the above sales experience, brand household function, establish enterprise registration landing platform online sales platform and advantage, the development of headquarters economy, household industry the most complete here into a category, the highest ratio of household building 
materials "one-stop" work style shopping mall.