The 6th zhejiang clothing industry association member congress successfully concluded

The 6th zhejiang clothing industry association member congress successfully concluded

On September 21-23, the sixth garment industry association member congress victory in pinghu, zhejiang province, Chinese clothing association consultant Jiang Hengjie, full-time de-hu feng, vice chairman of Chinese clothing association, zhejiang province economic and information commission law office director Sarah, wei-lin zhang, deputy director of zhejiang folk organization administration, vice mayor of pinghu Qian Yong puma and other leaders and province clothing profession association member representatives from all over the province a total of more than two hundred people attended the conference. The meeting considered and adopted a series of documents, such as the work report of the fifth association council, which elected the organization and director of the new association.
On the morning of the 22nd, the 6th zhejiang clothing industry association member congress was formally held. The meeting was chaired by han licheng, chairman of the presidium of the general assembly. Titled "to strengthen the construction of association hearing and deliberating passed the polymerization industry energy for reconstructing new advantages of industry development to move forward and pragmatic" work report "financial management", the sixth group, the group members to pay the membership fee standards, modification of the constitution and the draft of the constitution, "the member representative assembly election method", "advanced member selection method", and a series of papers such as "zhejiang clothing industry self-discipline; Through the 6th provincial clothing industry association group membership list; Having considered and adopted the candidate of the President of the sixth council, the election produced the sixth session of the council of the general council.
Through the joint efforts of the presidium and all the representatives of the general assembly, the general assembly has fully incubated and democratically elected the sixth council, the standing council and the President, the vice-presidents and the secretary-general; A consultant was hired and the deputy secretary-general was appointed to provide a new organizational guarantee for the smooth operation of the association. At the same time, in the hope that the general association of member units can continue to support and participate in work, under the guidance of the new council, with all the members work together to create a new situation association work, difficult to overcome, pragmatic innovation, strive for the garment industry in our province new leap!
Lozi group co., LTD. Has been a member of zhejiang garment industry association, which has been elected as its managing director. We will participate actively in association activities to contribute to the development of China's garment industry.