Gathering high-end brands to lead the lives of people -- written at the opening of the roz home city

Gathering high-end brands to lead the lives of people -- written at the opening of the roz home city

On August 1, the first opening of the home city of luozi home, a large home in eastern zhejiang province, opened a new chapter in the lives of people in the Yangtze river delta.
Rose to live in the city of the first comprehensive management and warehousing logistics area nearly 100000 square meters, the main operating board, floor, wood, wooden line, metal cable, cabinets, doors and Windows, has brought together from domestic first-line brand manufacturers as well as Vietnam, Thailand, myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Russia, Germany, Norway and so on more than 20 countries more than 3000 kinds of architectural decoration base material, has formed a wholesale logistics effect. Floor wood is produced from southeast Asia, South America, Africa and so on yellow sandalwood, red sandalwood, rue, gamba, rosewood, teak, cherry wood, winged wood, oak, etc. The board is a collection of more than 50 domestic famous brands including moganshan, millennium boat, rabbit baby, king coconut, fuqing, weiye, Jason, dragon, taishan and so on. Hardware appliances are all from domestic and foreign top enterprise products. Most of the products are direct sales or total agent distribution, the brand is numerous, the quality is reliable, the price is extremely affordable.
Rose to live in a city is located in yinzhou district stone Qi east Yang, 34 provincial road and cross the line of intersection, the neighboring around ningbo west exports, which is based on airport logistics, water, land and air transportation is very convenient, direct radiation throughout the Yangtze river delta region, greatly reduces the logistics cost of goods.
As the hub of home building materials logistics, the most prominent advantage of the lotz home city is the sample order, which is delivered now, without worry about the delivery of the goods. The second is its incomparable spacious passageway and abundant guest, freight car parking space, create a loose ideal shopping environment for the customer, solve the trouble of parking difficulty, traffic jams.
Adapt to the development of the modern standardized market trend, rose to live in a city on the basis of the first successful opening, will revolve around construction, decoration, household building materials wholesale and retail distribution center the goal, give full play to the logistics warehousing advantage, carry out the development concept of "rolling development, gradually improve", the second phase of the key launch ceramic sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns of cloth art, new building materials, such as plate, makes every effort to improving on the household category; Phase 3 will realize in the planning of a comprehensive upgrade, with international brand management center of China and the asia-pacific hualian group strategic cooperation, to build domestic first-line brand household exhibition center, imported high-end brand furniture exhibition center, green, health, energy saving new concept household to live at home and abroad experience center. At the same time, relying on the above basic building materials wholesale and distributing function, brand home exhibition and sales experience function, the establishment of the online sales platform and the advantageous enterprises to register the platform, the development of the home industry headquarters economy.
"Gathering high-end brands, eagerly anticipates the living, building built in one hundred, the achievement dream" together, rose to live in a city is to the wholesale, retail, storage and transportation, logistics, e-commerce and other multi-function and comprehensive integrated service development situation, toward the modern household culture, innovative household life