2012 Lodz autumn and winter clothing order Fair held

2012 Lodz autumn and winter clothing order Fair held

On May 10, the annual Lodz autumn and winter order meeting was held in the new administrative building of the group, which was first opened by Lodz Huayu clothing company. Many self-employed stores, agents and dealers from all over the country said that this year's Lodz autumn and winter clothing has made a breakthrough compared with previous years. No matter shirt, jacket, formal and leisure clothing, as well as necktie, luggage and leather shoes and other accessories, most of them are of beautiful color, exquisite surface materials, and unique styles are more advanced than before, leading the city's winter fashion. Highlighting the great charm of urban style, representatives have signed orders. In the next two weeks, lodsworth, lodsworth and other branches will continue to launch their respective autumn and winter 2012 new product order fair, which will push lodsworth clothing, which is better, more beautiful and more fashionable, to the market, serve every customer with warmer, hotter and more careful service and convey to every customer. (Figure 01. The customer is placing an order for pants) (Figure 02. The customer is selecting shirts) (Figure 03. A customer is comparing clothes) (Figure 04. Some cotton padded jacket styles in this autumn and winter) (Figure 05. New leather shoes in this autumn and winter)

Figure 01

Figure 02

Figure 03

Figure 04

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