I'm so happy with the pay rise

I'm so happy with the pay rise

According to Yinzhou daily, January 18, 2011

Xu Yali, from Huaibei, Anhui Province, is an employee of the second company of shirts in Luozi Industrial Park. She went to the bank to make a salary card when she was about to go home for the new year. She found that the total amount of money on the card was more than 20% higher than the previous year. She said happily, "I'm so happy with the salary rise. After the Spring Festival, I will bring more sisters to work in Lodz.". It is understood that the average wage increase of front-line employees in Lodz industrial park last year reached 23.5%. The picture shows Xu Yali and her company's little sisters happily calculating their salaries together.

Reporter Lin Youjuan photographed by correspondent Li Guifu and Kong Weifei