City makes life better, Lodz makes China more fashionable

City makes life better, Lodz makes China more fashionable

At the 14th Ningbo International Clothing Expo 2010, Lodz brand clothing exhibition hall was arranged in No. 1 famous brand Museum. The Lodz exhibition hall covers an area of 200 square meters and is 6 meters high. The facade of the exhibition hall is decorated with the shape of "world granary" of the China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, and the gray exterior wall is decorated with the big red "world granary", which makes the Lodz exhibition hall particularly eye-catching (Illustration 1).

(Illustration 1)

"Better City, better life" is a slogan of Shanghai World Expo and a common pursuit of cities all over the world. Lodz's exhibition hall and clothing design and display closely follow the will and progress of Shanghai World Expo, demonstrating that "better life is inseparable from fashion embellishment". So Lodz just expressed the feelings of "Lodz makes China more fashionable", which will become a common aspiration of all the participating clothing brands. "A hundred years of Lodz, Fashion China" is the direction of Lodz's daily struggle. "The city makes life better, Lodz makes China more fashionable" has naturally become a very clear theme to be expressed by Lodz brand clothing of the 14th Ningbo International Clothing Expo. In the whole exhibition hall, no matter the indoor display or the outdoor display, all of them present the infinite beauty of urban life and the fashion breath of model clothing. For example, in the back of the left side of the exhibition hall, wearing purple T-shirt series and British style leisure autumn clothes, we are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the city on the balcony of our home and in our yard with our friends and relatives (illustration 2);

(illustration 2)

Another example is that every shirt displayed in the living room cabinet is telling about the new trend and fashion of Lodz shirt in 2011 (illustration 3);

(illustration 3)

Then look at the handsome white-collar man in the suit suit of Korean version, pulling the suitcases and bags all the way to the door with pride, a picture full of the happiness of the city's good life, reflecting the new fashion and happiness picture blooming everywhere in the Lodz exhibition hall. Rous e Roz is a famous brand in China. Roz clothing is one of the top ten famous men's clothing brands in China, and also a famous brand in China. Lodz will continue to work hard to transform the famous clothing city and clothing city of Ningbo into a smart city with strong clothing, strive for diversification and specialization, accelerate the development of smart fashion industry, and make due contributions to make China more fashionable and Ningbo better.