Pinge hardbound duplex apartment in Lodz square comes on stage in April

Pinge hardbound duplex apartment in Lodz square comes on stage in April

Abstract: Shiqi street is the main block of "ten functional blocks" in Yinzhou District, its development potential is undoubted. In 2009, Lodz real estate, together with many famous brands and companies, integrated high-quality apartments and large-scale businesses with a high standard and humanized service concept, planned Lodz square as a block, and carefully built the first CBD in the south of the city on the basis of the concept of Shiqi street.

Since its opening in December 2009, the palace in Lodz square has been sought after by many buyers. This commercial complex, which integrates Boutique Apartments and large-scale commerce, will lead buyers to experience one-stop life in the south of the city. It is reported that 280 single story single apartment houses have been launched in pinge, Lodz square, with an average price of 12000 yuan / m2. At present, only 1 / 6 of them are on sale. At the end of April and the beginning of May, the last two floors of hardbound duplex houses will be launched. The size of the houses varies from 30-70 m2. One floor will be bought for free, which brings high value and high cost performance. The model duplex apartment has entered the decoration stage and is expected to be officially opened to the public by the end of April.

Located on the 4th and 5th floors of the Plaza, the penthouse of Lodz Plaza is 5.4m high on the 4th floor and 4.5m high on the 5th floor. The first floor can be used as two floors. With its absolute advantages, the space theme is pushed to the extreme. In addition, pinge adopts the full standard hardcover mode, with comprehensive functions and no discount for comfort.

Super cost-effective duplex hardbound apartments enjoy one-stop life convenience

With a main area of about 35-70 ㎡ of fully hardbound apartments, the pinge of Lodz square enjoys the convenience of one-stop life on top of Tesco, and presents Ningbo for the first time with the advantages of low price, high cost performance and high potential. The pinnacle of Lodz square has an original air garden of about 3500 ㎡, which can not only have a rest, but also have a long view. The double entry lobby is comparable to the star hotel and Tongli high-speed elevator without machine room, which is enough to match the honor and courtesy of the new noble class. Some of the floor products in the pinge of Lodz square enjoy a floor height of 5.4 meters. If you buy one floor, you will get two floors. High utility brings high value and high cost performance.

Mature quality of surrounding facilities and continuous upgrading of investment potential

Lodz square is located in Shiqi street, with strong surrounding living atmosphere, complete living facilities, schools, banks, hospitals and other necessary living facilities. With the reconstruction of the old city and the expansion of the highway, the regional prospect is promising. In Ningbo, where the house price is often more than ten thousand yuan, Lodz Plaza has won the living space and opened the horizon of investors with its reasonable price. On the one hand, the total price is not high, it is affordable economically, and the entry threshold is relatively low; on the other hand, although it is a mature living area, few new houses have been launched in Shiqi street in recent years. With its reasonable spatial layout and excellent quality assurance, Lodz Plaza is favored by many buyers in the old city and Fenghua, and it is suitable for independent investment.

Excellent geographical location, mature location, value, city wide attention

The pinge of Lodz square is close to the new business district of Nanmen, Ningbo, and Ningbo Textile City in the East. It is a business system with business office, hotel apartment and large shopping plaza. It can form a new business model with the surrounding supporting facilities. Shiqi street, as the main block of "ten functional blocks" construction in Yinzhou District, has unlimited prospect of prosperous metropolis in the future. The planned light rail line 2 and the expansion and reconstruction project of Youngor avenue under construction greatly enhance the regional development potential, and buses 6, 513, 902, 638 can be reached. Luozi square occupies the main center of Diwang, Shiqi business district, which is the core area of Ningbo City upgrading, and its regional value is immeasurable.

Pilot a high-end complex of international urban commercial culture integrating multiple functions

CBD mode of pilot business: next to the new business district of Nanmen, Ningbo, Lishe International Airport in the south, Ningbo Textile City in the East, business office, hotel apartment and large shopping plaza.

The combination mode of leasing and selling of pilot business: a new commercial real estate development mode, in line with international norms, with a strong collection of business forces, depending on the structure of the business, both leasing and selling.

Pilot high-end supporting services: comprehensively upgrade business supporting services, experience high-end business services, intelligent, efficient, senior property management institutions, hotel style property management, considerate and honorable enjoyment.

Excellent architecture of the pilot city: square layout, shopping and leisure square and business building are combined organically, L-shaped high-rise is arranged in the northwest of the base, which is unique and harmonious, with a distinct sense of individual sculpture.

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