From single shirt to series dress to famous brand

From single shirt to series dress to famous brand

At the 13th Ningbo International Clothing Expo, Chinese famous brand and well-known brand Lodz clothing appeared in the No.1 Museum again with its unique style of modern urban business and leisure. With an area of 200 square meters and a height of 6 meters, Lodz's facade continues to use the Olympic elements similar to the "Water Cube" first promoted in the last session, and stands on the square at the entrance with a large picture of urban architecture sketch, which expresses the inseparability of "urban business and leisure sports". The four models displayed in front of the urban architectural sketch on the edge of the entrance square are wearing the unique woven cotton printed shirt in the whole exhibition hall. The fabric is flowery and prominent in the flowers. With the innovation of exquisite sewing technology and detailed sketch, this group of shirts on display are more casual but unique in the beautiful style of men's summer clothes. They are deeply attracted by the past merchants and audience. They hold As soon as the camera arrives, it stops to take pictures of the models and the high-rise entrance.

In the Lodz booth, the men's dress shirt with Chinese famous brand temperament is on display. Closer look, whether it is the new design and innovative sewing process of various materials, collar, placket and cuff, such as the different collocation of printed fabric and jacquard stripe fabric, knitted fabric and woven fabric, the artistic combination of new collar angle and placket, etc., all reveal the wonderful charm of Lodz shirt's Chinese famous brand. Lodz used the artistic sewing method to make the formal men's shirt, which was originally more serious, give the modern city white-collar fashion and ease.

On the left side of the dress shirt is a group of dress suits. The black background is set against the fashionable and delicate mirror fine grid print, which makes the louse suit, which is both solemn and traditional, and also highlights the relaxed and fashionable style, show the times. Although there are only four formal suits on display, a glimpse shows the whole picture of Lodz suit. Fit cutting, fine sewing, flat and straight clothing lead the viewer impeccable. Lodz with superb skills, cutting, art sewing, so that has always been more serious and rigid formal suit gives a modern fashion relaxed and dignified.

Then look at the past is the display of leisure clothing, which includes various jackets, sweater T-shirts and leisure suits, windbreaker, cotton winter clothes, including belt bags, tie accessories, etc., especially a group of purple casual sweater T-shirts and green casual jacket, pointing out the demand of "nostalgia" and "safety" in 2010-2011 clothing color trend. In terms of style design and specific display of clothing, Lodz emphasized "not for exhibition". The display of each group of clothing is not only casual but also full of life atmosphere. All items can be directly sold on the counter without any trace of mystification. This is also related to Lodz's consistent corporate spirit of "taking off on the ground". "Low key, pragmatic, innovative and progressive" is the cultural connotation of Lodz brand.

Lodz clothing is rooted in Ningbo. Like many other brands of clothing in Ningbo, it was once influenced by the local "red gang" and came from a formal family. Lodz clothing used to be good at men's formal shirts, especially in product innovation and development. For example, as early as the early 1990s, it took the lead in launching "warm shirt", "wood paddle fiber shirt" and the unique "all cashmere shirt" in China, etc., and made innovations and successes again and again, so Lodz has become a "brand of constant innovation".

With the continuous development of domestic economy and the further development of foreign countries, people's concept of dressing also began to change, mostly towards the direction of personalization and fashion. Lodz is acutely aware that "without adjusting the industrial structure of a single variety of clothing, Lodz will die.". So in the mid-1990s, Lodz began to turn to the R & D and production of a series of men's clothing. After continuously introducing "Lodz suit", "Lodz jacket" and other series, he actively introduced international brands and hired first-class fashion designers. In 1998, he successfully launched the "Lodz fared" rose · F, full of French charm and weekend leisure style RI leisure men's wear series is especially suitable for white-collar workers to wear at work or leisure. It breaks the rule that white-collar workers must wear formal clothes or uniforms at one stroke and is popular in the market. In the same year, RI leisure men's wear series was rated as "China's top ten men's wear" brand. In 1999 and 2000, Lodz clothing was rated as "the most fashionable men's wear brand" in China. Lodz shirt in the country's market share and sales has been among the best.

In 2004, Lodz had a production base of nearly 400 mu - Lodz Industrial Park. The park is located in Shiqi, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City. The park has nearly 200000 square meters of production management and living rooms for employees. The overall planning is scientific, the environment is beautiful, the workshop equipment is excellent, and the accommodation conditions for employees are first-class. The production base not only ensures the production demand of Lodz clothing, but also attracts a large number of international big brand materials processing or OEM processing, such as "Ed Hardy, LRG, we" and so on. This fully shows that Lodz clothing production and processing has already reached the international advanced level.

After more than ten years of continuous progress, Lodz has become a "famous brand in Zhejiang", "famous brand in China" and "famous brand" from a small brand that was unknown at the beginning. From single formal dress to series dress to well-known trademark, the development of Lodz dress is actually the epitome of the rise of Ningbo clothing industry. Lodz dress will continue to inherit the spirit of the "red gang" and continue to forge ahead and be brave in innovation. It is willing to take "century brand, century brand and century" as its name