Effectiveness of computer fingerprint attendance in Lodz Industrial Park

Effectiveness of computer fingerprint attendance in Lodz Industrial Park

On March 23, Lodz Group officially opened the use of fingerprint authentication and attendance system in the industrial park. This is a new measure taken by Lodz group to strengthen the internal management of the industrial park, to avoid cheating, to be more strict and standardized, and to promote the construction of a harmonious industrial park.

At first, the attendance of employees in the industrial park started from the attendance of computer smart card swiping. However, the practice has proved that smart card swiping attendance can not avoid the situation of cheating by card swiping, and there are often violations such as taking the card for examination, signing on behalf of others. The new computer fingerprint authentication attendance system, which is managed by the terminal computer, can accurately record the fingerprint authentication records of going to work, going to work, etc. All operations can be completed in an instant with a single press of the finger on the fingerprint recognition machine, which is both easy and fast. When the time comes, the terminal will automatically make statistics and summary, and no one can change the fingerprint data that the computer has collected, put an end to the cheating way of substitute examination and make-up examination, and make the discipline behaviors such as work attendance more fair and scientific.

Since the computer fingerprint authentication attendance system opened, it has basically achieved no attendance errors, and the attendance punctuality rate has almost reached 100%. This indicates that the management of Lodz Industrial Park has stepped to a new level and is gradually moving towards a new management mode of modernization, informatization and intensification.