The lozs tower rose steadily amid the housing slump

This newspaper: since the housing downturn since last year's international financial crisis, many real estate companies have adjusted their development progress, while some have been suspended or slowed down. Rose home buyers bucked up, robust face, under the correct decision of the group company and the strong support, the construction rose mansion is still big, to build a CBD stone Qi street.

Since the project began in May last year, the construction area has completed the underground two-layer structure of 15,000 square meters and has successfully entered the construction of the main body project. Since may, the progress of the project has been greatly accelerated, and May 20 is expected to complete a concrete roof.

The total building area of the lotz tower is 52,000 square meters, with an area of 37,000 square meters and an underground floor of 15,000 square meters, which can accommodate 350 vehicles. The first to third floor of the ground is the skirt building, which mainly includes the "TESCO TESCO" shopping leisure plaza, which is operated by the British TESCO company, and has been joined by financial, aviation, catering enterprises and brand names.

The main building on the fourth floor is the star commercial occupancy. The whole building is operated in a combination of rental and sale. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009. The current in the face of the challenges and opportunities coexist, rose real estate company leadership and staff are very clear understanding to the building construction has a long way, in the guarantee period of quality at the same time, pay close attention to market dynamics, moment understand material information, strengthen the communication department to strengthen the cost management, strictly choose the professional subcontracting teams such as fire fighting, civil air defense, carefully choose insulation, waterproof and other special materials. The company went all out to strive for more, faster, better, and provincial land to complete the building of the lotz.

Perhaps ningbo's housing market will be depressed, but the lozi tower is emerging with a more rapid and steady stance.